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At a Glance
Companies confront new challenges daily.  Constantly changing markets, products, and customer expectations require a well-trained workforce that is more productive, talented and creative, enabling opportunities to be seized more readily.  In private industry, competitive markets require employees that are continuously trained.  In the public sector, heightened accountability is putting pressure on managers to provide high-quality products and services at low cost.

Certified Success provides a vast array of management education, training, coaching and consulting designed to help you tackle your daily challenges. We can assist your management team develop detailed action plans, develop accountability, and achieve breakthrough results. 

Our Advantage
…is based on our customer focus, commitment to quality, and practical, proven solutions designed to obtain results and grow your business. Our commitment to delivering outstanding training solutions helps you train and retain a high-performance workforce.  Our passion for process improvement through creative, innovative and intelligent hands-on consulting creates value to our clients. We pride ourselves on providing you customized, unique services that enable your business to prosper in today's competitive market.

Our Trainers and Consultants
…have the needed breadth and depth of knowledge based on experience required to work in a variety of industries and applications.  For example, our trainers and consultants have applied Lean Six Sigma in both transactional (i.e., office), healthcare, services as well as manufacturing.  They understand the information systems behind the processes because they have designed and developed such systems.

Our education and training courses are designed to create an environment that facilitates learning. At Certified Success, we understand the difference between participants being taught versus learning. Winston Churchill once said, "Personally I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught." Our trainers understand that many individuals feel this way and strive to be "Guides on the Side", not "Sages on the Stage".

Our Products and Services
…reflect our commitment to deliver high quality solutions in a broad range of specialties from basic technical skills (e.g., quality control) to leading-edge technology (e.g., RFIDs), from fundamental management skills (e.g., project management) to executive-level strategic planning. We have the required expertise whether you need a one-to-three day seminar, a single course, a complete training solution, or ongoing consulting or coaching expertise. For those who are pursuing certification, our review materials simulate the depth and breadth of knowledge needed to help you successfully prepare for the exam. >>More on Certifications

We strive to be your preferred provider of superior products and services designed to:

  • Provide corporate representatives with transformational in-house education, training, coaching, and consulting 
  • Provide local chapters of professional organizations with pre-packaged workshops and seminars tailored to their body of knowledge 
  • Provide companies, consultants and professionals with tried-and-tested products for presentations, seminars and training 
  • Prepare individuals who are seeking certification to be successful when testing 
  • Assist individuals in maintaining their certification

Our Value
…is measured by the long-term relationships developed serving organizations like yours by providing customized curriculum, coaching and consulting, flexible and proven trainers, and cost-effective solutions that produce tangible results.

Our Guarantee
…is simple and based on the principle that you deserve quality in the contracted services we provide you.  If our services do not meet your requirements as agreed upon in the contract, you are entitled to have the service redone at no charge with, if applicable, a different trainer or consultant.


APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP)

APICS Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM)

Lean Six Sigma Consultation

Rent-a-Black Belt

Lean Six Sigma Enterprise-Wide Deployment

ASQ Certified Software Quality Engineer (CSQE)

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Presidentís Message

Jack      Cook

Jack Cook, Ph.D., CFPIM, CSCP, CSQE
President, Certified Success

We often hear that the only constant is change. I believe that to be true. The changes witnessed in the last decade are humbling. Assisting our clients to adapt and manage change is our primary goal. At Certified Success, we're committed to providing independent, unbiased, practical, professional advice to each client. Our dedication to uncompromising business ethics, our commitment to client-focused solutions and our desire to create a fun and exciting workplace drive us to be creative and innovative.  I deeply appreciate our clients’ and colleagues’ trust. My personal guarantee to you is that you will always get candid, ethical and attentive personal service. >>More about CertifiedSuccess