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Transforming Business Processes

Few of us come to work planning to make mistakes or irritate co-workers or customers.  So why does it happen so often?  A lack of planning is often the culprit.  We end up reacting to all the daily demands, never taking the time to redesign a process to eliminate waste, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction. 

As Dorothy was told in the Land of Oz, "If you don't know where you are going, any road will do."  Action without direction is most often unproductive.  Are you or your subordinates asked to do busy work, adding little or no value to the business or customers.  Business process management concepts may appear self-evident but few systematically practice them. 

Many managers are reluctant to model business processes, often mistakenly believing they are not qualified to facilitate a business process (re)design session. Not only are operational managers competent to do so, they are the only ones who understand the process well enough to do the job.  This training session provides practical, hands-on exercises that give managers the confidence required for them to facilitate the process internally.  Managers find that despite the hard work and contentious debates, process (re)design sessions taps their natural abilities to organize resources and solve problems.  Competitive advantages are created by doing things the competition can’t or won’t do. Improving business processes is a direct, cost-effective way to become more competitive.